Sunday, December 11, 2011

You just have to cope...

When things pile up on me, I always like to remind myself of a line I came up with many years ago: You only have two choices - either you cope or you don't cope, and not coping isn't an option so you just have to cope.

So no matter what has piled up, if someone asks how I'm doing, the answer is usually, "I'm coping."

Today we cleaned up after yesterday's storm and any horses in muddy yards were put out on grass, which took a bit of shuffling with five stallions in breeding season, but all done. My daughter Kate began the website for the series of books The Outback Riders ( - early stages yet) and there's an email address if any readers want to write to me - - so, bit by bit, the process of setting up the marketing of the books is being achieved.

There is a mountain of paperwork in the office to be attacked, but I'm 'living in the moment' to cope with this and just putting those worries off until tomorrow. Ah, Procrastination, thy name is my lifestyle!

I even had a visit from the Jehova's Witnesses today, which gave me the opportunity to have a good theological and philosophical discussion for twenty minutes as I stood there covered in mud (they caught me while I was fixing fences... I looked like a mud monster). Being an evolutionist who sees the hand of God behind the miracle of evolution and the tenacity of genes, I don't see eye to eye with their creationist beliefs but, hey, they're all just beliefs so maybe neither of us is correct. I did bring up an interesting point about some of the theories I've been reading of late which are put forward by theoretical physicists: the theories of intersecting or parallel or layered universes. According to some scientists, these other universes may exist in the same space as we occupy without us being aware of them. Matter cannot pass between them, although certain forms of energy may. Ahhh, as I asked my theoretical physicist friends - isn't that just a scientific description of heaven or the realm of spirits and angels?

Coffee break is over and it's time to head back out and feed the horses. There are only five mares left here after a hectic breeding season, and then show season rolls around again after Christmas. I should update the Horses Of Gold blog, but there really aren't enough hours in the day... so much to do, so little time, but I'll cope.

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